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How Can We Work Together?

Business Financial Consulting and Profitability Coaching

Helping business owners understand their finances and the impact on they have on their business so they can make smarter and more
educated business decisions.

Tax Planning and Preparations

Helping you with the tax planning and preparation to find the best possible solution for your business' and personal returns.

As for many entrepreneurs, building our businesses is a journey.  I have started close to ten businesses, and each time I learned something that I could apply in the next one to make it more efficient.

I always had a passion for numbers. Having the insight how numbers work together and affect each other and every decision in the business, I became passionate about business financials.

Having the right knowledge about the financial health of your business can have a huge impact on the success of your business.  While working with clients, I realized that very few people understood this significance and the actual workings.  The experience of my own ventures, and through working with hundreds of clients, it became my goal to educate my clients in the financial health of their business.

I get the greatest joy seeing entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and be in control of their own destiny. Everyone is different, but most of us have dreams for their business and personal life, and I get great satisfaction watching my clients achieve these.

I am fortunate to be able to live the life helping my clients realize a solid, financial foundation in their business.  Financial and personal success for my clients and seeing the fruits of our work together keeps me satisfied and going every day.

"Patrick has helped several of my start-up business with his expertise to get them started in the right way. His financial advice was invaluable. 

I have also run a small start-up consulting firm, and Patrick’s financial consulting and coaching to my clients helped them expand faster than they ever thought. I look forward to continue working with him". 

Roberto R.